Up to 90% discount on augmented Reality with iOS Build 15 Real-world apps

Get up to 90% discount on Augmented Reality with iOS • Build 15 Real-world apps Udemy course. Learn how to code real apps iOS using ARKit, SceneKit and SpriteKit – includes all source codes and 3 design files. No coupon required to avail of this course. Offer valid for a limited period only.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand ARKit and SceneKit using swift
  • Build Augmented reality apps for clients
  • Make money in the new AR Category on the Appstore
  • Create 3D shapes in Augmented reality both in code and using the scene editor from Xcode
  • Measure real distances using the iPhone’s camera
  • Interact with 3D objects
  • Add 3D objects to the real world through the phone: on the floor, on a table, on the wall…
  • Detect horizontal and vertical planes in the real world
  • Detect images in the real world
  • Create optical illusions
  • Add animations to 3D objects
  • Use special 3D audio in your AR scenes
  • Learn how to use Physics to create games
  • Learn how to use particles to create snow, rain, fire, confetti, and much much more
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