Up to 50% Off Portworx Fundamentals

Get Upto 50% Off Portworx Fundamentals.

This course introduces the basic fundamentals of Portworx to a beginner with lectures and hands-on labs that can be accessed right in the browser.

In this course, we will get you introduced to the basics of deploying and managing a Portworx Storage solution. We start with a basic introduction to Portworx, we then take you through the Portworx Architecture, the control plane and data plane at a high level, before heading over to the labs to install Portworx. Then proceed to deploy a Portworx Cluster, where we see how multiple nodes come together to form a cluster. We then get familiarized with the Portworx CLI, the pixel utility. We then get introduced to storage pools, volumes, different types of volumes and finally understanding Portworx on Kubernetes. Towards the end, we deploy a Stateful application – like a Postgres database on a Portworx cluster.

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