Up to 50% Off Ansible Certification Preparation Course

Get Upto 50% Off Ansible Certification Preparation Course.

In this course, you will learn Ansible® through a series of lectures that use animation and fun illustrations that simplify complex concepts. We have demos that will show how to install and get started with Ansible and most importantly we have hands-on labs that you can access right in your browser. You will work on a real-world project of deploying the KodeKloud e-commerce application and learn how to follow best practices in developing Ansible playbooks and roles to automate application deployments in your environment.

Hands-On Labs:

As with all of our other courses on our platform, this course comes with hands-on labs that are one of its kind. You don’t have to set up your own labs. As part of this course, we provide real labs that you can access right in your browser. The labs give you instant access to a terminal to an Ansible host with a set of nodes for you to manage and an accompanying quiz portal. The quiz portal gives you a set of tasks to complete. Each quiz starts with a set of simple questions, such as exploring the environment and gathering information. Or you might be asked to perform an action such as to prepare and run ansible command or develop and execute an ansible-playbook. The quiz portal then validates your work and gives you feedback instantly. It tells you exactly where you went wrong and helps you fix your problem.

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