Self Healing Through Prayerful Contemplation – Free Course

Get Self Healing Through Prayerful Contemplation course for free. A Conscious Integration of Divinity into Humanness (An Exploration) This course is absolutely free.No coupon required to avail this course.

What you’ll learn

  • Use the power of prayer and contemplation to bring healing in one’s personal life.
  • Appreciate one’s life from multiple perspectives.
  • Use the power of personal prayer as a Divine force to bring radical change in one’s life.
  • Grow in self-love, self-acceptance, self-awareness, and self-compassion.
  • Understand the limitations of the mind and its narrow framework in a non-judgemental way.
  • Learn how to question, introspect and self-reflect on one’s own life to facilitate change and growth.
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