Secure Coding: OWASP Top 10 Best Practices

Get up to 90% discount on Secure Coding: OWASP Top 10 Best Practices Udemy course. Learn all the code security techniques against OWASP Top 10 and how to secure your applications with much less effort. No coupon required to avail of this course. Offer valid for a limited period only.

What you’ll learn

  • Secure Coding methodologies
  • Protection methods against common OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities within the code
  • Seeing the consequences of insecure coding from hackers’ point of view
  • Automizing everything: Ways to work in a proper DevSecOps fashion for your S-SDLC (a.k.a Secure SDLC)
  • Valuable tips on integrating a SAST Solution
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