Malware backdoor and Buffer Overflow Penetration Testing

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn How to use the immunity debugger for system Application debugging
  • Understand how the CPU use the registers with the Stack
  • Learn & Understand how the buffer overflow occurs
  • Learn how to use a debugger to examine the crash
  • Learn Shellcode & how to generate using MSFVenom
  • Identifying bad characters
  • Targeting the EIP register & Exploit buffer overflow vulnerability
  • Learn & Understand the different types of malware
  • Learn How to Use NCAT for getting access to a victim’s computer through the internal network
  • Learn How to Use reverse connection for getting access through the external network (from the internet)
  • Learn How to Create a persistent backdoor
  • Detailed pdf documents are available for deep-dive information
  • Step by step of how to build your own virtual hacking environment & penetration testing Lab
  • Step by Step of how to download & install the needed tools
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