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Get Learning SEO When Short On Time course for free. A Quick Course to Help You Understand the Basics of SEO on WordPress .This course is absolutely free, No coupon required to avail this course.

What you’ll learn

A quick course that will help you understand the basics of SEO when you’re short on time to help strengthen your online presence.

Not everyone has the time to learn about everything related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Trying to keep up with the updates can be tough for a lot of people who aren’t aware of technicalities. While appearing on the first page of search engine results is a goal for many online content creators, you shouldn’t let the race of ‘who-know-SEO-better‘ get the best of you.

In this course, I’ll go everything you need to know about SEO on WordPress (mainly Yoast SEO) to help you present your online content to the intended audience even if you don’t consider yourself an SEO master, yet.

From the Target Keyword, SEO Title, Slug, Meta description, and more, the basics of SEO are all you need to start marketing your brand online.

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