HTML AND CSS COURSE – With a full complete Project – Free Course

Get HTML AND CSS COURSE – With a full complete Project course for free. This course is absolutely free. Learn HTML and CSS basics and advanced topics like CSS grid, Flex-Box, Sass, become confident in developing layouts.No coupon required to avail of this course. Offer valid for a limited period only.

What you’ll learn

  • A basic introduction to HTML and CSS
  • Introduction to HTML DOM
  • Introduction to text editors
  • HTML Elements and tags forming them one after another
  • HTML styles and style tag
  • HTML Tables and structuring them
  • HTML Element attributes
  • HTML Block and Inline elements
  • HTML FORM Elements and attributes
  • Writing an HTML document from scratch
  • HTML Links
  • HTML iFrames
  • HTML images and Image attributes
  • HTML id and class attributes
  • CSS basics
  • CSS Selectors, properties and values
  • Advanced CSS
  • CSS GRID and FlexBox
  • Practical CSS and HTML Project
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